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EEOC Damage Awards Rise in Spite of Steady Numbers

Close to 100,000 discrimination charges were filed by employees to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) during the fiscal 2012, signaling that employers must keep up their guard to avoid being drawn into costly and potentially damaging litigation. As in recent years, the largest categories of employment discrimination accusations were retaliation (38%), race (34%), andContinue reading →

Bonds: Tips to Keep From Getting Pinched

Encountering stock market losses early in one’s retirement years can deliver a blow to an equity-heavy portfolio. If you’ve determined that your equity weighting is extremely aggressive relative to your risk appetite, reducing risk by altering your portfolio’s asset allocation may be essential. The need to reduce the risk of your portfolio doesn’t mean youContinue reading →

Keeping Good Tax Records: A Case Study of What NOT to Do

The importance of keeping thorough and accurate records cannot be emphasized enough. If you have incomplete or no records and get audited by the IRS, it can cost you valuable deductions. A new Tax Court case illustrates what happens when adequate records are not kept throughout the year. Facts of the case: For the taxContinue reading →

Get Your Estate Plan in Gear

Estate planning laws have undergone swift changes over the past several years and may change again in the years ahead. If you’re creating or updating an estate plan, it’s essential that you seek the advice of an attorney who’s well versed in this area. Before you hire an estate-planning attorney to draft or update yourContinue reading →

Companies on NASDAQ: Get Ready for New Proposed Internal Audit Rule

The NASDAQ recently proposed a rule that companies listed on the stock exchange will soon be required to establish and maintain an internal audit department. In response, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is in the process of circulating the proposal and gathering public comments. The comment period ends shortly on March 29, 2013. IfContinue reading →

Check Out the New I-9 Forms Soon to be Mandatory

A new I-9 Form, which is the document employers use to verify the identity and eligibility of employees hired in the United States, has been issued by the Department of Homeland Security. You can obtain forms now and should begin using them soon. However, you may continue to use the old forms a bit longer.Continue reading →

Employers: Gain Extra Time to Claim the Work Opportunity Tax Credit

The IRS announced it is providing an extension of time to employers that want to claim the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC). Specifically, employers have more time – up to April 29, 2013 – to file the required IRS form to claim the valuable tax credit (IRS Notice 2013-14). The WOTC can be claimed byContinue reading →

To Trust or Not To Trust

It is hard to imagine an individual or family doing any income or estate planning without considering the use of trusts. It is a misconception that trusts are only tools for the mega wealthy. In fact, trusts are something that can be utilized by many people to accomplish some very basic and extremely important objectives.Continue reading →

Don’t Pay Tax Twice

Reinvestment can be a crucial component of the wealth accumulation process, as the reinvested amount compounds and grows over time. Yet if you are reinvesting dividends and capital gains (“distributions”) in funds you hold in your taxable account, it can be important to ensure that you’re not paying more tax than necessary. You pay taxContinue reading →

Countdown to Filing: There’s Still Time to Contribute to an IRA or SEP

The clock is ticking down to the tax filing deadline. The good news: there may still be an opportunity to save on your tax bill from last year. If you qualify, you can make a deductible contribution to a traditional IRA right up until the April 15, 2013 filing date and still benefit from the resulting taxContinue reading →