CPAs Attend CCH Connections: User Conference 2012

D’Arcangelo & Co., LLP Certified Public Accountants, Christine Ross and Diane Fowler, attended the CCH Connections: User Conference 2012 in San Diego, California. During the four-day conference, they attended sessions on topics such as accounting and auditing, internet technology, and firm management.

Fowler said that the sessions were informative, interesting, and motivational. The speakers shared lots of great ideas on topics such as how to improve overall productivity; how to be faster, better, stronger, and work less overtime; and how to create growing leaders.

Something that one of the sessions really focused on was making sure you don’t forget about your employees’ soft skills. Areas such as communication, public speaking, leadership skills, time management skills, and leadership skills are all very important. It is fairly easy to hire someone with a good GPA, but it is much harder to find someone with a good GPA plus excellent soft skills. One speaker made the comment, “Finding good people is like finding a mystical beast; like finding a unicorn.”