D’Arcangelo Partner Presenting at FAE Conference

James Booth, CPA, a Partner at D’Arcangelo & Co., LLP, will be speaking at the Foundation for Accounting Education (FAE) International Taxation Conference. The conference is being held on Thursday, January 24 and Friday, January 25 at the Citi Executive Conference Center in New York City.

Thursday, 1/24 will be an introduction to international taxation issues. This day is designed for those with a basic understanding of international tax issues and covers important topics including:

  • Introduction to Form 1120-F
  • Understanding the Foreign Tax Credit
  • Expat and Inpat Taxation

Friday, 1/25 will address more intermediate and advanced issues. This day is geared towards practitioners with greater experience in the international tax field and will focus on issues such as:

  • US Taxation of Offshore Life Insurance
  • What to Know when Doing Business Abroad
  • Sourcing Rules and Determining Foreign Source Income

Jim will be presenting on Thursday, 1/24: An Overview of the Withholding Rules & W-8 Series and 8804/05 Series. You will be able to learn the distinctions between IRC Sec 1441, 1442, and 1446 withholding regimes. Jim will also discuss withholding related to income covered by tax treaty and that related to “effectively connected income.”

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James P. Booth, CPA

James P. Booth, CPA