Making Up for Retirement Shortfalls

Given the backdrop of economic uncertainty and the rise in both life expenctancy and medical costs, prospects look difficult for those facing retirement shortfalls. Fortunately, a financial advisor can show you how pulling these key levers can help your retirement nest egg last.

Work Longer: Working longer is one of the easier solutions for those facing retirement shortfalls, allowing you to contribute to your savings for a few more years.

Reduce Spending During Accumulation Years: One of the best ways to save more is to spend less. Setting explicit goals with a financial advisor, having a clear understanding of your net worth, and carefully tracking expenses are essential to reducing your spending.

Reduce Planned Expenses in Retirement: Your retirement nest egg may last longer if expenses, such as home costs during retirement years, are reduced.

Optimize Your Asset Allocation: As you near retirement, a portfolio that is too conservative can be just as risky as one that is too aggressive. Retirement can be a 30-year prospect, long enough to consider a specific allocation to stocks, which, although they are more volatile, offer higher return potential over time.

Delay Taking Social Security: If you’re healthy and expect to live long, waiting until age 70 to receive Social Security benefits can result in a higher payout.

Returns and principal invested in stocks are not guaranteed. Please keep in mind that diversification does not eliminate the risk of experiencing investment losses, and that investing in securities always involves risk of loss. Please contact D’Arcangelo Financial Advisors at 845-473-8261 (Downstate Region) or D’Arcangelo Financial Group at 315-735-5216 (Upstate Region) for advice specific to your situation.